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Soundbar (Horizontal)

Decor 1S

Décor 1S

minimum width: 37in (94cm)


from $1,999 each USD
Decor 1C

Décor 1C

minimum width: 18in (45.7cm)


from $1,499 each USD
Decor 1SC

Décor 1SC

minimum width: 53in (134.6cm)

Stereo + Center

from $2,499 each USD

Left / Right (Vertical)

Decor 2S

Décor 2S

minimum height: 18in (45.7cm)


from $2,499 pair USD
Decor 2SC

Décor 2SC

minimum height: 25in (63.5cm)

Stereo + Center

from $2,999 pair USD

LCR (Horizontal & Vertical)

Decor 2S & 1C (wide fit)

Décor 2S / 1C
(Wide Fit)

minimum width: 18in (45.7cm)
minimum height: 18in (45.7cm)

Stereo + Center (Wide)

from $3,998 system USD